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Inspirational and informative, Valerie creates experiences that renew your vitality, sharpen your focus, increase integrity, and expand your capacity to contribute to a more humane and high-functioning world. Customized for religious or secular audiences of all ages and career stages.

The Power of a Calling
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What does it mean to live your calling? 

If you think of your calling as career, purpose or passion, you are partially correct. Your calling is so much more.  You are called to a fruitful and productive life that increases your vitality, quality of service, and benefits society. Living your calling can also fuel conscious capitalism!

For 20 years, I've researched religious and secular meanings of calling to understand the original idea, how far we've drifted from it, and why that drift matters to us today. I am excited to share what I've learned to help you experience the joy and satisfaction that comes from living your calling -- wherever that path may lead. --Valerie Myers, Ph.D.

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“I was laid off from a highly professional technical job and struggling with depression. I attended Dr. Myers’ session. Her class changed my life! I started to market myself after it and just started a new job. I thought you should know.” 

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  • Make sense of your journey

  • Overcome Limiting Myths About Calling

  • Discover your strengths

  • Cultivate Key Qualities to Fulfill Your Calling

  • Create an Action Plan

  • Motivate Yourself to Become...

  • Live Your Calling with Vigor!

Once all of the “business leaders” came into focus, and the comparison was drawn between them, it became rather evident why this was quite an astute case to use in studying leadership/calling… [T]he story makes a great point about how calling can serve to lead you through uncertainty and ostensibly dreadful situations in order to realize your full potential. 

Outcomes: What you will learn


  • Boost Employee Engagement

  • Inspire Leader Integrity & Effectiveness

  • Energize High Quality Performance

  • Create a Ethical Culture

  • Have a Positive Impact on Society

Why I do this work... 


This is a calling to which I've devoted years of study, effort, practice and prayer. I became intrigued by the idea of calling while working in the corporate world. I had a great career that was aligned with my interests, valued my skills, enabled me to use them, and provided amazing growth opportunities amidst good colleagues and plentiful rewards. I felt fortunate to be paid to do my work, even with the "thorns and thistles" of a job. Yet something was missing. That ennui led me to research what it truly means to have and live a calling. Surprisingly, that quest has taken me to graduate school, across disciplines, and around the world.  In the process, I've discovered ancient wisdom that speaks to our times, as well as many people who show us how to live a calling now. I hope to share those insights with you, and to encourag and equip you with tools for your journey, wherever it may lead. 


I invite you to read my academic book, "Conversations About Calling", business case, and to contact me to discover ways that you can fulfill your calling and elevate your life's work.



One does not climb to attain enlightenment.

Rather, one climbs because

they are enlightened.


Zen Master Futomaki


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