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Valerie L. Myers, Ph.D. is an organizational behavior expert that cultivates leaders worth following, followers that serve the work, and organizations that serve humanity. 


Valerie is a trusted advisor to for-profit and non-profit firms across industries. Clients benefit from her synthesis of management scholarship and business experience.  


In addition to consulting, Valerie's professional portfolio includes academic research and teaching in MBA, MHSA, and Executive Education programs at Dartmouth College, the University of Michigan, and Simmon College. Her thought leadership is published in academic journals, books, and technical reports.


Valerie earned a dual doctoral degree in Organizational Psychology and Social Policy from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), after remarkable achievements in management and marketing for a global chemical corporation. 


Valerie's work addresses three big questions at multiple levels of analysis ( i.e., micro, macro, and mezzo).


1. What equips leaders to leverage EVERYONE'S talents to achieve strategic goals?

2.  How are people motivated to engage, fulfill their potential, and do great work?   

3.  How can institutions positively influence both (above)?

Organizational Behavior Consultant  |  Scholar  |  Speaker  |  Author

Academic Experience 


Throughout her career, Dr. Valerie Myers has pursued answers to these questions and translated her findings into practical management solutions.   


A few more details. . .

Throughout her academic career, which began in the University of Michigan's Department of Health Management & Policy (School of Public Health) and Ross School of Business, Dr. Myers has taught graduate courses in management As an Assistant Professor, Myers led multi-site research projects funded by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation, The Center for Healthcare Transformation and Research and the Walter McNerny Foundation, and in cooperation with the Greater Detroit Area Health Council. She's also taught healthcare management in Dartmouth College's MHCDS executive education program. Myers is a thought leader that has published peer-reviewed scholarly insights in the Journal of Healthcare Management, Journal of Health Administration Education, Organizational Dynamics, the Journal of Adult Development, and various scholarly book chapters. Dr. Myers has presented her work at national and international professional conferences. She's taught in various continuing medical education, healthcare executive and executive education programs

LEADERSHIP: Myers has analyzed leadership and management practices in various types of organizations and industries. She uses those insights to coach leaders in their quest to "transcend typical," refine their skills, and navigate complexity with strategic wisdom and positive relationships that produce results. Learn about Leadership Development>>> 

INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP:  Surprising results of Valerie's research study that examined organizational climate, diversity management, and errors in healthcare led her to focus on leaders' behavior rather than staff training. With continuous research and refinements in the MBA classroom, she equips change champions to lead at all levels (e.g., institutions, organizational culture, teams).

HEALTHCARE LEADERSHIP: Dr. Myers' research has been funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation, the Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation, and the Walter McNerny Foundation. It has focused on the topics above and was conducted in hospitals, public health, and safety net organizations. She transfers these insights to other industries.

CALLING & WORK ENGAGEMENTt: Through exhaustive research, Myers discovered that a calling is more than passion or prosocial intent -- it's a commitment to produce great work! Therefore, pursuit of a calling is a catalyst for engaged workers and good business that serves society. Notably, a calling is cultivated in or constrained by institutions throughout one's life. Myers presented these findings in her book, business case, at academic conferences, and keynote addresses. Are you living your calling?>>>

HC DiversityReport.jpg

Organizational Climate & Diversity Management in Southeast MI Hospitals


Diversity Ideologies in Action: Energizing Renewal and Excellence in Healthcare


Inspiring Inclusion: What is the evidence for faith-based leader development?


Generative Change in Health Care Organizations: Co-Creating Health To Reduce Health Disparities



Examining the Structure and Sustainability of Health Care Safety Net Services 


Research that results in solutions for you . . .

Your calling is a catalyst for just, good business. It's also a source of personal growth and satisfaction.


Learn how to:

  • Fulfill your calling to leadership.

  • Empower others in their callings.

  • Inspire employee engagement.

  • Navigate your work/life path.

Reap the rewards of your calling!

Inclusive leaders champion change. 

  • Develop skills for systemic change.

  • Change "business as usual' culture.

  • Achieve strategic goals with diverse teams.

  • Manage resistance and biases.

  • Include diverse talent at all levels. 

  • Reimagine and recalibrate institutions.

Positively impact society!

Lives depend upon your leadership.

  • Refine Your Leadership Skills

  • Prepare to Ascend to the C-Suite

  • Recalibrate Strategy

  • Align Systems & People for Excellent Performance

  • Create a Culture of Inclusion and Fairness.

Professional Services


Are you ready for business as UNUSUAL ? With evidence, creativity, and passion, Valerie integrates her vast expertise to empower 'heroes of just, good business' to create more value.   Valerie delivers lively, engaging learning experiences that ignite meaningful, lasting change. All formats below are customizable to address your needs.     Expertise & Services>>>

Executive Coach
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Ph.D. (Dual)   




Organizational Psychology + Social Policy  

Organizational Psychology     

Policy & Program Planning 


University of Michigan

University of Michigan

University of Michigan

University of Michigan

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