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Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa


Academic Experience 
Dr. Myers has taught graduate courses in management throughout her academic career, which began in the University of Michigan's Department of Health Management & Policy (School of Public Health) and Ross School of Business. As an Assistant Professor, Myers led multi-site research projects funded by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation, The Center for Healthcare Transformation and Research and the Walter McNerny Foundation, and in cooperation with the Greater Detroit Area Health Council . Myers is a thought leader that has published peer-reviewed scholarly insights in the Journal of Healthcare Management, Journal of Health Administration Education, Organizational Dynamics, the Journal of Adult Development, and various scholarly book chapters. Dr. Myers has presented her work at prestigious professional conferences in the U.S. and internationally and taught in various continuing medical education, healthcare executive and executive education programs



Valerie's primary research focuses on the intersection of healthcare management and diversity. Her work with a broad scope of healthcare organizations includes: health systems, healthcare executives, hospitals, physician groups, community health clinics, health departments, safety net organizations, insurers, institutes, and other allied health organizations. Myers led a research team that conducted a study of Organizational Climate and Diversity Management in 27 Southeast Michigan Hospitals, funded by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation of Michigan. The mixed method study included executive interviews, online surveys, focus groups and participant observation research in independent hospitals and health systems. 

Perplexing findings from the hospital study compelled Dr. Myers to search broadly for management solutions, which led her to the field of cognitive neuroscience. She combined neuroscience, management theory and liberal arts to create Strategic Curiosity® -- a streamlined solution for multiple leadership challenges. Strategic Curiosity® is a customizable change management program that increases mental agility, insight, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and learning that are essential for high reliability organizations. Even though Strategic Curiosity® emerged from her healthcare research, Dr. Myers cultivates these skills in senior leaders (e.g., CEOs, CMOs, Boards of Directors, Deans, and other executives.) in various industries.

Valerie L. Myers, Ph.D. is an Organizational Psychologist, consultant, and thought leader with expertise in leadership, behavioral change, and inclusive organizations. She combines 25 years of academic and corporate achievements to serve as a trusted advisor that translates complex research into practical solutions that optimize performance.

In addition to consulting, Valerie teaches in MBA and Executive Education programs at Dartmouth College and the University of Michigan. She has conducted research examining effective leadership practices, inclusive work climates, and intrinsic motivation, which she has published in academic journals, books, and technical reports (See below). Clients benefit from Valerie's synthesis of scholarship, creativity, and evidence-based methods.

Her mission: To cultivate leaders worth following and organizations that serve humanity

Valerie earned her doctoral degree from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor).  And yes -- she climbed the Drakensberg mountains.

Research & Expertise in Brief

Valerie's work evolved from her enduring commitment to ethical leadership, meaningful work, and social justice.  Rigorous, results-oriented, and evidence-based, Valerie's scholarly insights about leadership, healthcare management, equity and inclusion, and employee engagement are published in academic articles, books and reports

  • Leadership: Myers helps leaders "transcend typical" with evidence-based methods that strengthen your capacity to lead. Learn frameworks to make better decisions, solve problems and manage change.  The goal: Equip agile, wise, and caring leaders to fulfill their calling to leadership. 

  • Inclusive Leadership:  Myers goes beyond trendy training to tackle this complex subject with a systems approach that integrates psychology, sociology, economics, history, humanities and proven methods of behavioral change. Gain insights to transform yourself and skills to transform the system that you lead. Myers' methods are derived from her research of inclusive leadership, organizational climate, management practices, and serving diverse constituents.

  • Calling & Engagement: Through her research, Myers discovered that a calling is focused on results -- not just your passion. The pursuit of one's calling is the ultimate form of engagement that energizes personal thriving and work performance. Myers' research shows how the original idea of calling benefits individuals, organizations, and serves society. 


  • Healthcare Management:  Much of Dr. Myers' research of the topics above has been conducted in healthcare settings. These insights are transferable to other industries.

HC DiversityReport.jpg

Organizational Climate & Diversity Management in Southeast MI Hospitals


Diversity Ideologies in Action: Energizing Renewal and Excellence in Healthcare


Inspiring Inclusion: What is the evidence for faith-based leader development?


Generative Change in Health Care Organizations: Co-Creating Health To Reduce Health Disparities



Examining the Structure and Sustainability of Health Care Safety Net Services 


Myers' other line of scholarly inquiry examines calling, the ultimate form of intrinsic motivation and engagement. Fully living one's calling has positive implications for one's psychological well-being, work quality and organizational performance. Intrigued and animated by the idea of calling since her corporate career, Myers has conducted research, developed assessments, facilitated seminars, spoken to religious and non-religious audiences, and presented her scholarly work about calling to national and international audiences. Myers published scholarly insights in her groundbreaking book, Conversations About Calling: Advancing Management Perspectives, (Routledge Press), which contributes to the field of Positive Organizational Scholarship. In it, she presents a comprehensive, interdisciplinary analysis of this historic construct, going back to the Protestant Reformation (1500s). Her book is endorsed by esteemed management scholars leaders.

Ideas about calling are rooted in various religious faiths and cultures. Myers draws upon her expertise in diversity and calling to facilitate lively conversations among people of all faiths, no faith, and inter-faith dialogues that promote cross-cultural understanding about your life's work. Myers also integrates her scholarship and Christian faith to provide keynote addresses and seminars for Christian organizations and groups. 


A dynamic and engaging professor, Myers' teaching portfolio includes executive and graduate courses in: Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Healthcare Management, Strategic Planning, and Diversity & Inclusive Leadership.

  • Dartmouth College, Healthcare Executive Education

  • University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

  • University of Michigan, Dept. of Health Management & Policy 

  • IBIS Consulting

She is a member of the Academy of Management, American Psychological Association, and faculty affiliate of the Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship. However, Valerie's expertise is more than academic; she has industry and management experience. 



Religion matters--85% people worldwide believe in God. Further, religious institutions influence business and social ethics, for better and worse.  Intrigued by the complicated intersection of faith, business, and society, Myers combines historical research, sociology, and her policy background to explore religion's role in Western capitalism and compelling reasons to uphold and reinforce the separation of church and state, a hallmark of the United States constitution. 

WEB du-bois_edited.jpg

​​“And the final result of our training must be neither a psychologist nor a brickmason, but a man. And to make men, we must have ideals, broad, pure, and inspiring ends of living -- not sordid money getting, not apples of gold.The worker must work for the glory of his handiwork, not simply for pay; the thinker must think for truth, not for fame.”

W. E. B. DuBois

The Souls of Black Folks, 1903


Business Experience 

Valerie's consulting practice is informed by her work in Management, Marketing, and Product Development for a global automotive supplier. In addition to successfully leading a department turn-around ($650m revenue), she collaborated with executives of Fortune 500 companies to develop strategically progressive and profitable niche market products. These early experiences provided invaluable insights about systems thinking, (in)effective leadership, collaborating across professional boundaries (e.g., engineering, design, marketing and manufacturing), and creatively solving real business challenges. During this career phase, Valerie applied problem-solving skills that are now popularly referred to as "design thinking," which she acquired while studying Industrial Design at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies. Design thinking organically informs Valerie's approach to management education, research, and consulting and she helps leaders apply these principles through Strategic Curiosity®

​​Executive Coaching & Consulting 

Valerie discreetly coaches executives to help them identify and overcome obstacles to effective leadership. She uses research and original tools to help leaders develop and refine their skills and performance. Valerie also works with leaders and leadership teams to solve complex organizational challenges, improve teamwork, and recalibrate strategy. In sum, Valerie passionately integrates her vast experience and expertise to help leaders create more value through human performance. 



Ph.D. (Dual)   




Organizational Psychology + Social Policy  

Organizational Psychology     

Policy & Program Planning 


University of Michigan

University of Michigan

University of Michigan

University of Michigan


One does not climb to attain enlightenment.

Rather, one climbs because

they are enlightened.



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