One does not climb to attain enlightenment.

Rather, one climbs because

they are enlightened.


Zen Master Futomaki


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Reflect  + Collaborate + Innovate  
+ Sharpen your Competitive Edge 

What is Strategic Curiosity®?

Curiosity is a catalyst for exceptional performance. Yet this valuable resource is underutilized in organizations. Caution: Not all curiosity is equally valuable – it must be strategic. Strategic Curiosity® is purposeful exploration to achieve business goals.  This leadership development program helps growth-minded leaders like you elevate your performance.


Strategic Curiosity® is not just another management framework. Strategic Curiosity® helps you more wisely use frameworks and expertise that you already possess so that you can be more insightful and  effective.


Strategic Curiosity® is a research-based learning solution that helps you refine and strengthen your leadership capabilities, enhance teamwork, and improve your organization’s outcomes. Training equips you to slow down, think critically, improvise more astutely amidst uncertainty, and take reflective actions that achieve robust results. An infinitely renewable resource, Strategic Curiosity® helps individuals and teams overcome inertia to learn, collaborate, innovate, and sharpen your competitive edge. Conversely, a lack of curiosity can cost your organization millions in lost revenue, talent, ideas, integrity, opportunities and errors that adversely impact human lives.

Who it's for. . .

  • Established executives that want to refine and refresh your skills to achieve better results..

  • Leaders transitioning to an executive role that seek skills to excel and avoid common pitfalls.

  • Aspiring, high-potential professionals that want to expand your capabilities. 

  • Teams on a quest to be more collaborative, inclusive, innovative and accurate. 

  • Organizations that want to accelerate learning, agility, profitability and ethically serving others.

Dr. Myers’ Strategic Curiosity® training provides the executive with a valuable, challenging and unique lens to improve yourself as a leader and improve your organization.   Going beyond the "off the shelf" leadership teachings, Strategic Curiosity helps you build new capabilities and gain personal insights that help you identify and overcome unknown barriers to  success.  


Chief Executive

Confidential Coaching Client

This is curiosity with a purpose, tying curiosity to performance and that’s the differentiator.  

Chief Financial Officer, $60B Firm



How curious are you?

Strategic Curiosity® Model + Expected Outcomes

The 3+7 Strategic Curiosity® model is derived from breakthroughs in neuroscience that help you overcome 3 barriers to curiosity and develop 7 mental habits that accelerate performance. Coaching and consulting engagements are customized to address you and your organization's specific challenges and goals.


Formats: Keynote Address, Individual & Group Coaching (on-line option), Executive Education, Professional Retreats, Organizational Change Intervention.  

Barriers               Habits

Business Impact


Leadership Development

  • Enhance wisdom, critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making.

  • Analyze and synthesize complex information. 

  • Gain insights that enable you to better lead and leverage talents of others

  • Use reflective practices to maintain poise under pressure.

Talent Development

  • Better manage and use your brain to achieve work goals.

  • Astutely use time, information and resources.

  • Liberate yourself by empowering others to be more curious. 

  • Encourage adaptability.

Quality, Safety & Process Improvement

  • Reduce mistakes

  • Identify and resolve process failures

  • Routinely use robust information to drive decision-making.

Positive & Inclusive Relationships

  • Increase self-awareness & emotional mastery.

  • Reduce thoughtless acts, unproductive conflicts, biases, and poor decisions.

  • Increase cooperation, collegiality, and social learning.

  • Use positive, proven strategies to manage bias.


Innovation & Creativity

  • Train yourself to produce uncommon insights that fuel progress.

  •  Act with the “big picture” in mind.

  • Create a culture of questioning to boost experimentation and change. 

Strategic Advantage

  • Rigorously evaluate your competitive landscape.

  • Identify, create, and seize growth opportunities.

  • Chart a path for ethical progress.

  • Leverage the renewable benefits of curiosity to differentiate your firm.