Reflect, Collaborate, Innovate & Sharpen Your Competitive Edge 
A lack of curiosity can cost your organization millions in lost revenue, talent, ideas, opportunities, and preventable errors.

What is Strategic Curiosity®?


Research shows that curiosity creates value by priming the brain to learn, reflect, and respond with agility and wisdom. But not all curiosity is equally valuable; it must be strategic. Strategic Curiosity® is framework for disciplined exploration that helps leaders achieve important goals.  Dr. Myers created Strategic Curiosity® to address surprising findings in her hospital study

 Strategic Curiosity® helps highly accomplished, experienced leaders transcend the constraints of organizational culture, professional routines, unconscious decisions, and "lazy thinking" to create more value. You'll gain skills to effectively navigate volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous circumstances (VUCA), by taking reflective action. 

Strategic Curiosity® helps high potential professionals successfully transition to a more demanding role by avoiding common pitfalls with essential mental habits. 


Each module targets your specific need to... 

1. Transition to your new role

2.  Lead Change

3. Manage a High Reliability Organization

4. Cultivate Collaboration & Inclusion 

5. Create & Innovate

6. Formulate a Competitive Strategy

Who it's for. . .

How curious are you?

 Established executives & clinicians 

that want to refine and refresh your skills to achieve better results.

 New executives  

seeking a successful transition to your next role.

 High-potential professionals  

on a leadership track that need to expand your capabilities. 



on a quest to be more collaborative, inclusive, innovative, and accurate. 


that want to accelerate a learning, agility, culture change, profitability and ethically serving others.

This is curiosity with a purpose. Tying curiosity to performance,  that’s the differentiator.  


                                                  Chief Financial Officer, $60B Firm



What to expect...


Get Started: In a supportive, confidential relationship, we begin with a conversation about your goals, challenges, and how to customize Strategic Curiosity® to address them. The entire curriculum consists of five (5) different learning modules (e.g., Lead, Collaborate, Innovate, Manage, and Strategize). You may choose the module(s) that best meets your needs. 


The Process: Online assessments and discussion of your profile report are followed by transformational learning via individual coaching, group learning or a combination of both. We use a step-by-step process that includes dialogue, readings, exercises, and homework to develop your skills. 

Results: Initial benefits experienced within 1 month are sustained with learning, practice and time. To achieve sustainable results, a typical engagement for one module spans 2-3 months. An engagement may span 2 years, depending upon how many modules you or your organization choose. 

Investment: Accelerate your professional development with confidential, 1-on-1 executive coaching and an initial investment of $5000 for 6 sessions (which includes baseline assessments and collaborative goal setting). To inquire about rates for group coaching and executive education, Contact Dr. Myers.

Research Origins  



Dr. Valerie L. Myers created the Strategic Curiosity® framework to solve  leadership, teamwork, and quality issues that she identified in her   study of behaviors in 27 hospitals and health systems These issues can be matters of life and death in healthcare; they also affect performance in ALL industries.


To address these issues, Dr. Myers uses an interdisciplinary approach that combines the latest research from business, psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and liberal arts. She integrates unique insights to create customized learning solutions that meet your specific professional and business needs. 


To achieve lasting results, Dr. Myers uses proven cognitive-behavioral change methods. She draws upon her expertise as a seasoned professor, consultant and coach to create a transformational experience that cultivates your essential professional competencies. 


One does not climb to attain enlightenment.

Rather, one climbs because

they are enlightened.


Zen Master Futomaki


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