What does it mean to have a calling?  Why does this historic idea matter in modern organizations? These are some of the questions that Dr. Myers answers in her book. Although the word 'calling' is casually used as shorthand for purpose or 'my ideal job,' the concept is laden with deeper meanings that have provoked varied interest among the secular and spiritual circles of both scholars and practitioners. Structured around the idea of these four conversations, Conversations about Calling aims to promote a holistic examination of calling that will advance research and practice in management, and across many disciplines.

In her academic book, Conversations about Calling, Dr. Myers begins her exploration of management perspectives of the calling construct using Max Weber’s seminal work, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, as a starting point. She then draws upon aforementioned conversations to identify gaps in management theory. Through exhaustive research, she fills those gaps with insights about calling from other disciplines. Each conversation has a different focus that elucidates important dimensions of calling, and together they provide a truly comprehensive view of this enduring idea.

Part one of the book examines existing conversations about calling among contemporary management scholars. Part two explores perspectives about calling from different disciplines and eras, from the 1500s to the present. Part three unifies all conversations by weaving them into a comprehensive theory that can be applied across ideological, cultural and philosophical boundaries. 

Throughout, Myers uses a strong theoretical grounding, fortified by case studies and practical examples, to explain the application of her theory and its implications for individuals, practitioners, organizations and society. Anyone interested in work ethics or management and spirituality will benefit from reading this book.

Table of Contents

    1. Conversations about Calling >>> [Read Excerpt]

Part I. Management Conversations About Calling, 1980-2012 

    2. Secular-Individualistic Calling >>>
    3. Transcendent Calling >>>
    4. Sacred Calling >>>
    5. Calling in the Iron Cage >>>

Part II. Other Conversations About Calling 
   6. Practitioner Perspectives (1980-2012): The Essence of Calling >>>
    7. Case Example: Unthinkable >>>
    8. Practitioners Perspectives (1980-2012): Callings in Business >>>
    9. Ideologies & Industrialism (16th-21st Centuries) >>>

Part III. Connecting Conversations in Theory and Practice
    10. A Cross-cultural Theory of Calling >>>
    11. Case Study: Not Your Average Working Joe
>>> [Read Excerpt]
    12. Cultivating Calling in Emerging and Established Adults >>>

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