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The 2020s call for revolutionary changes in how workers are regarded, how work is organized, and how leaders use their power.

Power is not all bad.  

Power failures and abuse may grab our attention while obscuring positive forms of power. 

But great leaders know that Metamorphic PowerTM responsibly drives progress in organizations and society.

Power drives change. 

Although some change can be destructive and dangerous, Metamorphic PowerTM is generative and good, benefiting you and your team's performance, the work climate, and profits.

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What is Metamorphic PowerTM ?

Metamorphosis is a persistent progression toward maturity and refinement.

Power means using influence to achieve outcomes. That influence may be hard, soft, relational, reckless or responsible.

Leaders responsibly and persistently use their influence to refine and mature people, processes, culture, and systems to achieve worthwhile goals.

With Metamorphic PowerTM, leaders preserve value, create value, and help people soar.

Without Metamorphic Power TM, you'll waste time and money on unproductive change.

Metamorphic PowerTM is animated by moral attention, appraisal, imagination, and repair.

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What have others made visible?
What does the data show?
What requires more attention from you and others?
ATTENTION is the beginning of Metamorphic Power.

Recognize and accept what is.
Consider viable alternatives. 
Be wildly creative about what's


What drives your decisions? Preferences, principles, or habit?
Transcend mindless mimicry to achieve deep
er insights.

Valerie L. Myers, Ph.D.

Repair and reconstruct relationships, systems and processes to achieve results.
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Leading with Metamorphic Power TM is NOT for the faint-hearted.

It requires courage, commitment, and uncommon effort!

Discover how you can use Metamorphic PowerTM to:

Accelerate change that refines and uplifts.

Preserve what's worthwhile and discard what's harmful or obsolete.

Create conditions for ALL people to flourish.

Strengthen structures and systems to enhance learning, collaboration, innovation and achievement.

Enhance the performance!

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