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Healthcare Management

Diversity Management




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Diversity Ideologies in Action: Energizing Renewal and Excellence in Healthcare


Generative Change in Health Care Organizations: Co-Creating Health To Reduce Health Disparities



Examining the Structure and Sustainability of Health Care Safety Net Services 

Leadership and diversity can become matters of life and death in patient care. Therefore, I  searched for uncommon solutions beyond typical "diversity" training to navigate this challenging intersection. My consulting work is informed by more than a decade of experience as a management professor at the University of Michigan, where I've researched and taught healthcare management and diversity management.  Now, it is my privilege and responsibility to share those insights to cultivate inclusive leaders in other industries. 

Healthcare Management

My colleagues and I have published research about hospitals, community healthcare organizations, leadership, diversity management, and racial disparities in patient care.  As a highly rated professor in the nation's #1 Health Management program, I also equipped hundreds of talented young professionals who are now healthcare leaders across the country. Now, I translate that expertise into solutions for healthcare executives that aspire to astutely manage all aspects of high performing organizations (e.g., change management, teamwork, culture, quality, profitability, diversity and strategic planning).


In response to our team's findings about Organizational Climate and Diversity Management in Southeast Michigan Hospitals, I created Strategic Curiosity®,  a powerful tool to elevate the character, climate and quality of work in all industries.


Surprising findings about diversity & leadership inspired me to create Strategic Curiosity®.

Diversity & Inclusive Leadership

Too often, the benefits of diverse teams are not realized and the inertia seems insurmountable. Inertia persists because of failed "diversity training". We now know, from research, that typical diversity and unconscious bias training do not work and can actually make diversity issues worse. 1,2  Drawing upon my teaching, research, and developments in neuroscience, I've developed learning solutions that help leaders become more inclusive and generally more effective. 

1. Dobbin & Kalev (2016). Why Diversity Programs Fail.  Harvard Business Review, July-August, 52-60.
​2.. Lai, Skinner, Cooley et al (2016). Reducing Implicit Racial Preferences: II. Intervention Effectiveness Across Time. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 145(8): 1001–1016.

Courses & Consulting

Graduate Courses 

University of Michigan - MBA, MHSA & Executive Programs

  • Managing Healthcare Organizations​

  • Understanding the U.S. Healthcare System

  • Strategic Planning

  • Diversity Leadership (in Healthcare)

  • Inclusive Leadership (in Business)

  • ​Continuing Medical Education      

Executive Education

  • University of Michigan Health System ​

  • Simmons College Healthcare Diversity Leadership

  • AVT Institute (Denmark)

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

  • Henry Ford Hospital

  • Greater Detroit Area Health Council

  • Covenant Community Care

  • Philadelphia Department of Public Health

  • InForum Healthcare Leadership

  • Delta Dental 

  • Michigan Diversity Council

  • Crain's Healthcare Leadership Summit