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I created Strategic Curiosity® as an elegant solution to improve leadership, learning and high reliability.

Teaching & Consulting

Myers, a highly rated professor in graduate and executive programs, has cultivated hundreds of emerging and established professionals through her teaching and service on the Griffith Healthcare Leadership Center Advisory Board, Admissions Committee for Executive Education, Faculty & Advisor for the Healthcare Strategy Competition, leading multiple teams to 1st place victories in the National Association for Health Services Executives (NAHSE) competition.  She has consulted with leaders of  hospitals, physician groups, insurers, allied health, public health departments, and community organizations. Her portfolio of expertise and  courses includes:

Valerie Myers' consulting methods are informed by a decade of teaching and research at the University of Michigan, contributing to the #1 national ranking of its Health Management & Policy graduate program. She's designed and delivered transformative learning experiences in graduate, Continuing Medical Education and Healthcare Executive programs. Dr. Myers uses her expertise to advise leaders in all types of healthcare organizations, including: hospitals, health systems, physician group practices, community providers, allied health professionals, professional associations,  insurers, and institutes.


Myers and her colleagues analyzed a variety of healthcare organizations including health systems, hospitals, safety net providers and community health organizations. Her scholarly insights about healthcare leadership, organizational climate, diversity management, and racial disparities in patient care are published in peer reviewed publications including the Journal of Healthcare Management, Journal of Health Administration Education, Organizational Dynamics, the Journal of Adult Development academic book chapters and technical reports.  

With funding from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation, Myers led a team that examined Organizational Climate and Diversity Management in in 27 Southeast Michigan Hospitals. The mixed method study included executive interviews, online surveys, focus groups, and participant observation.  Surprising findings revealed that, while a diversity infrastructure matters, the mindset and behaviors of leaders is most predictive of a positive or negative work climate.  

To address research findings, Myers' search for solutions led her to combine management theory, cognitive neuroscience, and liberal arts to create Strategic Curiosity® -- a streamlined solution for multiple leadership challenges. Strategic Curiosity® is a customizable change management program that promotes emotional intelligence, teamwork, inclusion, and high reliability organizations. Even though Strategic Curiosity® emerged from her healthcare research, Dr. Myers discovered that these skills are essential for professionals in all industries.

The insights that Valerie Myers shared with myself and our leadership team and the outcome of her research  deepens our ability to be curious.


Barbara Rossmann, ​President & CEO

Henry Ford Hospital, Macomb

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Research Funded by the

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation


Diversity Ideologies in Action: Energizing Renewal and Excellence in Healthcare


Generative Change in Health Care Organizations: Co-Creating Health To Reduce Health Disparities



Examining the Structure and Sustainability of Health Care Safety Net Services 


  • Leadership

  • Ascending to the C-Suite

  • Strategic Alignment

  • Change Management

  • High Reliability Organizations 

  • Organizational Climate

  • Teamwork & Inclusion

  • Racial Disparities in Patient Care

  • Community/Multicultural Health

  • Faith-based Interventions 

Graduate & Executive Courses
  • Strategic Curiosity®

  • Strategic Planning

  • Diversity Leadership 

  • Executive Education     

  • Managing Healthcare Organizations​

  • Understanding the Healthcare System

  • Continuing Medical Education     

Select Clients

  • University of Michigan Health System ​

  • Simmons College Healthcare Diversity Leadership

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

  • Altarum Institute

  • Henry Ford Hospital

  • Greater Detroit Area Health Council

  • Covenant Community Care

  • Philadelphia Dept. of Public Health

  • InForum Healthcare Leadership

  • Delta Dental Insurance

  • Crain's Healthcare Leadership Summit

  • Annie E. Casey Foundation

  • U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services


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