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Do you wonder why your DE&I efforts have stalled?  The reason is likely  leadership. Whether ambivalent or well intended, some leaders are simply uncertain about what to do -- so they delegate the work to others who lack the skills to sustain change.  If that describes your leadership team, Dr. Myers can help you maximize your DEI investment by using evidence to overcome inertia to drive meaningful change


Inclusive leaders need a macro perspective and micro skills to drive change at all levels. Dr. Myers guides you with insights from sociology, history, psychology, and management in MBA level trainings that is:  

  • Grounded in social science 

  • Evidence-based skills needed to drive systemic change.

  • Customized to address ambivalent and mildly resistant audiences.

  • Comprehensive, to guide change at multiple levels.

  • Ideal for people ascending to new leadership roles.

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I believe that you deserve solutions based upon evidence, not hype.


If you're ready to invest in meaningful change -- or you're curious and seek clarity about next steps, contact me for a free 30 minute consultation. Whether or not  you hire me, I can provide tips about what you should consider. Why? Because I am committed to the quality of DE&I work that actually makes a positive difference.

Learn about Dr. Myers' expertise...

How Inclusive Leaders
Move Mountains
to Create Meaningful Social Change

Purpose of the Series 

Disparate effects of the global pandemic and the police murder of George Floyd heightened awareness of social injustices that cost lives, health, wealth, and national vitality. As a result, many leaders have expressed or renewed their commitment to change. But how do you transform commitment into meaningful action? What prepares you to be an inclusive leader that meets the challenges of our time? Fortunately, we don’t have to speculate about answers. History is a wise guide.  Continue reading...

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Learning Solutions

This MBA-level training is ideal for senior leaders, professionals, mid-level managers.  Seminars are customized to address matters that are specific to your industry and organization.  Content accommodates leaders who are somewhat resistant, ambivalent, and ready to change. 


Welcome your new executive team!


Senior leaders have tremendous power to create inclusive organizations. But learning to use your power differently can be uncomfortable and scarry when you've benefitted from the status quo. However, the costs of not changing are worse. Dr. Myers focuses on helping leaders develop skills to make the shift from ambivalence to action!


You will discover. . . 

  • Insights about the origins of DE&I conflicts.

  • Your organization's readiness for change.

  • Practices that leaders use to drive large-scale inclusive change.

  • How to overcome typical barriers to achieve lasting results.

Audience: All industries, sectors and organizations.

Healthcare DE&I 

 Create a Culture of Care & Belonging

Research shows that providing cultural competence and DE&I training are not enough.  The root problem is beyond biases.  We address the basic psychology of relationship challenges to equip you with tools to become a more inclusive leader, team, and organization. Lead as if everyone's life depends on your inclusive leadership!  

Audience:  Healthcare administrators, clinical leaders and clinicians.


Inspire Inclusion
Faith-based Diversity, Inclusion & Just Organizations 

Why is social strife rampant when ~70% of the U.S. population identify as Christians? Because ordinary sermons are not enough to create change. People need specific instructions about how to effectively connect beliefs to behaviors to create a culture that values diversity and promotes social justice.

There is hope! Studies show that structured faith-based education that combines theology with social science can lead to greater, swifter, and more sustained behavioral change than ordinary training.  Dr. Myers facilitates faith-based seminars that help you build skills, collaborate with different people, and lead systemic change to uplift the common good

Audience:  Christian business leaders, professionals, and leaders in the faith community.  Interfaith and secular options are available.   Learn more...    ​


What you will learn...

Tea Leaves

How Inclusive Leaders use their power to promote growth at all levels

You will

  • Gain greater self-awareness

  • Identify personal blind-spots and how to manage them.

  • Avoid pitfalls of typical leaders 

  • Increase situational-awareness

  • Improve decision-making skills. 


Learn to:


  • Strengthen relationships

  • Bring out the best in others 

  • Promote fruitful collaboration.

  • Create a just, belonging culture.

Your Team

Drive systemic change

  • Identify barriers to change

  • Manage psychology of resistance

  • Use data wisely

  • Align beliefs with behaviors.

  • Establish appropriate goals, rewards and consequences. 

  • Define & celebrates success!

Systemic Change

Diversity Expertise


We use social science, not sentiment , to promote inclusive growth.

Tea Leaves
Diversity Research & Practice

Dr. Valerie L. Myers works with leaders and organizations to identify barriers to diversity, equity and inclusion -- and provide resources to overcome them. She uses data and diagnostic to target areas for behavioral and systemic changes. Collaboratively, leaders and teams develop skills to create an inclusive climate and link diversity to strategic goals. 


Dr. Valerie L. Myers' expertise in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is informed by 25 years of academic, business, and consulting experience.  

  • At the University of Michigan, Myers has  conducted research in the healthcare industry and taught MBA and graduate courses in Diversity Equity & Inclusion. She also guest lectures in various executive education programs.

  • Through consulting, Myers has coached executives through diversity crises, educated governing boards, and developed strategic plans to reach diverse markets. 

Clients benefit from Dr. Myers scholarship and continuous monitoring of the latest social science research, which she uses to insure that materials are are rigorous and relevant.

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Organizational Climate & Diversity Management in Southeast MI Hospitals


Generative Change in Health Care Organizations: Co-Creating Health To Reduce Health Disparities



Diversity Ideologies in Action: Energizing Renewal and Excellence in Healthcare


Inspiring Inclusion: What is the evidence for faith-based leader development?

Inclusive Leaders
in Action
Lead  Change 
 Healthcare DE&I
 Faith & Diversity
Overcome Barriers
to Change
HC DiversityReport.jpg
Inspire Inclusion

Educating Leaders from...

Diversity Clients
What happens next...

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Share your concerns, questions, and aspirations.

Strategize to co-create goals, scope & logistics.

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Professional Services

  • Executive Education 

  • Organizational Diagnostics

  • Change Management 

  • Crisis Management 

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Board Development

  • Keynote Address

  • Retreats  

  • Strategic Planning

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