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What does it mean to live your calling? 


If you think of your calling as career, purpose or passion, you are partially correct. But it's so much more. Your calling isn't just about your ideal work, it's about the work of your life!


A calling is comprised of the small steps that you take each day to bring dignity, vitality and excellence to your work. It is also inner strength to climb over obstacles, take risks, and pursue the highest principles to advance the greater good. Imagine living a world in which everyone lived these facets of their calling.  BUT the routine practices of organizations, leaders and society can get in the way.

Centuries ago, a calling was considered a driving force for more socially conscious capitalism. Discover how it still can be today.  If you want more insight, inspiration and to have a positive impact in life & work, let's start a conversation about calling!

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​​“And the final result of our training must be neither a psychologist nor a brickmason, but a man. And to make men, we must have ideals, broad, pure, and inspiring ends of living -- not sordid money getting, not apples of gold. The worker must work for the glory of his handiwork, not simply for pay; the thinker must think for truth, not for fame.”

W. E. B. DuBois

The Souls of Black Folks, 1903

The Power of a Calling
Insights from Joseph's Journey



Your Calling to



Live Your 


Calling to Leadership


.Answering your calling to leadership takes more than ambition, intellect and networks.  It requires skills and sensibilities that are not typically taught in business school but that help you conquer personal impediments.  Learn how to answer your calling,  overcome the tyranny of "typical" leadership, to have a positive impact of your organization and society.

What you will learn & do

  • Traits of Typical -vs- Transformational Leaders

  • How to Lead Yourself First

  • Frameworks for Ethical Decision Making

  • Inspiring Engagement & Value Creation 

  • Nurturing Talent & Navigating Team Dynamics 

  • Plan Your "Next Steps" for positive social impact!

+   What you will learn & do

Who this is for...

  • Mission-driven Organizations

  • Established Leaders 

  • Emerging Leaders            

  • High Potential Talent

+   Who this is for...


No matter your occupation or where you are on  your journey, you can experience the joy of more fully living your calling.  Discover steps that you can take to be more fruitful and faithful in work, service and life! We consider not just what you do, but how you do it, in ways that benefit you, your organization and society.

What you will learn & do

  • Make sense of your journey

  • Overcome Limiting Myths About Calling

  • Discover your strengths

  • Create a "Next Steps" Action Plan

  • Live Your Calling with Vigor!

+   What you will learn & do

Who this is for...

  • Young Adults
  • Early & Mid-Career
  • People in Transition
  • Any faith, NO faith & Christians

+   Who this is for...


Even though the idea of calling has religious origins, the underlying psychological principles are not inherently religious. Therefore, the framework that I created to help you live your calling is appropriate for non-religious, interfaith and Christian audiences.  Seminars include real life examples and are customized for:

  • Secular / Not Religious We explore 3 dimensions of calling from a purely psychological perspective and consider ways that you can live your calling more fully.

  • Interfaith  Research shows that people who are educated about other religions are smarter, think more favorably about people who are different, and actually learn more about their own beliefs.  In a spirit of inclusion and learning, we examine how your faith speaks to 3 psychological dimensions of calling. 

  • Christian Biblical stories are inspiring and instructive about how people have searched for, struggled, and succeeded in living their callings.  We examine those narratives through the prism of psychology, the gospel, and theological insights to bring vitality to your calling so that you can have a positive impact

We begin with a story that is common to Abrahamic faiths (e.g., Judaism, Islam and Christianity). Then we explore ways that ordinary people use these principles to live their calling and how you can too. 


Why I do this work... 


I became intrigued by the idea of calling while working in the corporate world. I had a great career that was aligned with my interests, valued my skills, enabled me to use them, and provided amazing growth opportunities amidst good colleagues and plentiful rewards. I felt fortunate to be paid to do my work even with "thorns and thistles" of work. But I realized that something was missing. That ennui led me to research what it truly means to have and live a calling. Surprisingly, that quest has taken me to graduate school, across disciplines, and around the world.  In the process, I've discovered ancient wisdom that speaks to our times. I've also encountered many people who show us how to live a calling now. I hope that sharing those insights will encourage and equip you with tools for your journey, wherever it may lead.  That is part of my calling!

I invite you to read my academic book, "Conversations About Calling", business case, and to contact me to discover ways that you can fulfill your calling and elevate your life's work.



Professional Services

  • Executive Education Seminars

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Professional Development Seminars

  • Keynote Address

  • Retreats: 1/2 day, 1 day, 2.5 days  

What happens next...

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