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What leaders are saying...

The insights that Valerie Myers shared with myself and our leadership team provided an amazingly simple, yet focused approach to  eliminating the potential for unconscious bias while thinking through perception. … Her research helps deepen our ability to be curious.


Barbara Rossmann, ​President & CEO

Henry Ford Hospital, Macomb

Strategic Curiosity exercises reminded me to look meticulously at a situation, but also to look at the big picture. I will also not rush into a situation being emotional to make a judgment. We should look deeper when evaluating situations. Discussing with others helps us unravel different perspectives.

Engineering Executive, Toyota

Dr. Myers’ Strategic Curiosity® training provides the executive with a valuable, challenging and unique lens to improve yourself as a leader and improve your organization.   Going beyond the "off the shelf" leadership teachings, Strategic Curiosity helps you build new capabilities and gain personal insights that help you identify and overcome unknown barriers to  success.  


Chief Executive

Confidential Coaching Client

Strategic Curiosity was a great reminder of how different our perspectives are.  It was also further validation of the importance of having different perspectives to come up with creative solutions.

Executive Group Coaching Participant


Feedback is from executives in different professions and industries that have experienced Strategic Curiosity®  in a variety of settings including keynote addresses,  retreats, or customized individual coaching sessions.

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