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What Participants say...


​The exercises were great and meant more personally than I ever thought they would.

 [T]he story makes a great point about how calling can serve to lead you through uncertainty and ostensibly dreadful situations in order to realize your full potential. 

I was laid off from a highly professional technical job and struggling with depression. I attended Dr. Myers’ session. Her class changed my life! I started to market myself after it and just started a new job. I thought you should know. 

I was originally a bit skeptical about this case but it turned out to be interesting and thought provoking. It makes me think about how important it is to reflect on decisions and how they affect people. If one doesn’t actually take the time for thoughtful reflection on their decisions they will never grow. There are many lessons to be learned from the case, but I think the most important lesson is that we need to be adaptable and reflective. "

“Being from eastern culture, I have not read this story but it is interesting to see how many of the legendary stories that we have in the east (India), talk about similar tales of a person going through a lot of hardships and yet not compromising his integrity and faith in God. I think these stories serve as inspiration to us all.
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