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Valerie L. Myers, Ph.D.
Elevating leadership, relationships and quality in organizations

Valerie L. Myers, Ph.D.

Our world has changed swiftly and dramatically!

I am a resource that helps leaders pivot and navigate uncertainty with robust skills, keen insights, and wisdom.  

Dr. Myers is a trusted advisor to executives and organizations across industries. Her expertise is informed by 17 years as a management professor and researcher at the University of Michigan, corporate achievements, and transformational consulting. Dr. Myers, a University of Michigan trained Organizational Psychologist, coaches and consults with leaders to: 

  • Solve complex problems

  • Refine decision making

  • Cultivate inclusive teams

  • Increase self awareness & emotional intelligence

  • Drive strategic change and innovation

  • Create Positive Organizations


Elevate Your

Life's Work!

Engineering professionals engage in a lively strategic planning retreat led by Dr. Myers.

Let's explore ways that we can elevate performance for you and your organization.  Learn about Dr. Myers... 

Valerie's highly engaging facilitation style quickly had all members of the audience participating and thinking hard, developing a study intensity of unusual quality.

Horst Abraham

President, Paragon Group

"My mission is to equip growth-minded leaders with powerful research, practical tools, and expert insights that  transform your skills, performance, and society." 

Dr. Myers delivers a keynote address and executive education for regional business leaders.

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One does not climb to attain enlightenment.

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