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Valerie L. Myers, Ph.D.

Organizational Psychologist, Consultant & Scholar

Discover uncommon solutions for your business challenges

Leaders grapple with an avalanche of information -- but the quality varies. That's the problem. You don't need more random information; you need rigorous information that leads to insight that helps you solve performance challenges. Dr. Valerie L. Myers is a trusted advisor that helps leaders use evidence-based information to achieve uncommon insights, overcome inertia, take positive actions, and drive results!

Whether you are a seasoned executive or transitioning to a new leadership role, Dr. Myers provides keynote addresses, executive education, and coaching that expands your perspective, sharpens your skills, and refreshes your insights. 

Valerie leverages 20 years of academic and business expertise to create a lively, challenging and transformative learning experience to help you and your team thrive.


Working Together

Leadership & Learning Solutions

"I believe that you deserve solutions that are based upon evidence -- not fads.  That's why I delight in sharing with you the benefits of my 20 years teaching MBAs and executives, expertise as a trusted advisor, and thought leader that publishes research. This depth of experience enables me to create custom solutions that help you achieve your goals. If you want a great return on your investment in training that produces results, then I may be the right advisor for you." Valerie Myers, Ph.D.

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