In our complex, diverse and dynamic world, I value the
power of insight to energize relationships and performance.

Leaders routinely grapple with complexity, uncertainty, diversity, and change. To manage, you navigate an avalanche of information and opinions -- of varying quality. That's the problem. You don't need more random information; you need rigorous information that leads to insight!

Leveraging 20 years of experience developing leaders and publishing scholarship, Dr. Myers uses her expertise to help leaders transform information into insights and actions that produce uncommon results. She is a trusted advisor that helps leaders strengthen their skills to improve processes, relationships, innovation, and competitive position. 

Valerie helps leaders apply evidence-based solutions for behavioral change. Working together, we co-create new insights in a lively, challenging and transformative learning experience that improves your knowledge, skills, relationships and organizational performance. 

The need for insight is universal and increasing. Therefore, Valerie works with leaders across industries. She possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in:

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Leadership Solutions
Strengthening competencies, caring, and your capacity to lead

Lives depend upon your leadership!

That's why healthcare leaders and clinicians transitioning to executive roles need more than typical MBA skills. Dr. Myers helps you develop vital skills, drawing upon her expertise teaching graduate courses in healthcare management at Dartmouth and the University of Michigan.  What you will learn:

  • How elements of the organization interrelate to function as a whole.

  • How to better manage yourself to strengthen decision-making.

  • The psychology of change and how to manage it.

  • How to create a high-reliability culture.

  • Tactics to promote belonging and inclusion.

  • How to align people and systems to energize excellent performance! 


Manage the human side of healthcare and empower others to deliver exceptional patient care

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Are these people on your executive team?

If not, your organization is leaking value and not reaping the MAXIMUM return on your DE&I investment. Staff DE&I training has it's place -- but not first place. If you want to accelerate and sustain real change, cultivating senior leaders' skills matters more. Dr. Myers draws upon her scholarship and practice to help leaders develop skills to create a culture of belonging and driving systemic change.


Ideal for leaders who are ambivalent or uncertain about diversity or have yet to personally demonstrate a robust commitment to change.

What leaders will learn:

  • Understand and overcome your unease with diversity.

  • Develop insights and skills to shift internally and act.

  • Lead positive culture and behavioral change.

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Christianity and commerce profoundly influence Western society -- for better and worse.  Societal challenges and ethical lapses beckon us to pursue better. Dr. Myers integrates business frameworks and Biblical lessons that invite you to reflect anew and act upon your highest beliefs at work. Gain suprising insights and robust skills to be an effective & inclusive leader, live your calling, reform capitalism, and promote social responsibility. Whether you are in the C-Suite, mid-career or just starting out, you can bring more Light into the shadows at work so that everyone thrives.   Learn more...

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Working Together...

I partner with growth-minded leaders who know that experience and instincts can sometimes undermine your effectiveness.  Yet, you want to avoid wasting resources on trendy training that doesn't produce results.  I too am frustrated by people who hype seductive solutions but haven't done their homework.  I do the homework -- and I enjoy it.

I believe that you deserve an advisor who offers soultions that are based upon evidence.  I stay abreat of solid research so that you don't have to and you can focus on your priorities. Working together, you can enjoy the fruits of my labor and become a bit smarter, more skillful, and get a great return on your investment in people!

If you value results above trendy training, skills above sentiment, and generative change  that equips you and your team to adapt, achieve, and thrive, then I may be the consultant for you.

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