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Strategic CuriosityTM  seminars help you “learn about” how you process information so that you can “learn to use” information more effectively with practice. We start by cultivating general skills and progress to interpersonal skills that are essential to lead high performing teams.  Modules are designed to address 3 common barriers to curiosity plus 7 vital skills that enhance it. Although the curriculum is established, learning solutions are customized to meet your specific leadership and organizational needs. 

Preliminary assessments are conducted so that you will understand your orientation toward curiosity. Assessment results provide context for your reactions to training materials and exercises, which further facilitates your learning and professional growth.

• Executives & Professionals that seek to refine their leadership, critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

• Senior Leadership teams that are embarking on a system-wide change effort.
• Mid-level leaders with their team members that seek to enhance collaboration, inclusiveness and overall performance. 



During a lively, interactive keynote address, Dr. Myers illustrates the importance of curiosity in organizations and explains the concept of Strategic CuriosityTM. Myers shares insights about the neuroscience of curiosity, then engages the audience in several exercises to demonstrate how the Strategic CuriosityTM process builds individual skills and facilitates collaboration within groups. 

The purpose of the keynote is to introduce Strategic CuriosityTM as a performance enhancing tool. A keynote address is ideal to launch leadership development or change initiatives. Due to the brevity of a keynote speech, it is impossible to meaningfully build skills during this session. Tangible benefits are only derived from participation in subsequent modules. Available only with a minimum of 2 Introduction Modules. 



Introduction to Strategic CuriosityTM

The introduction to Strategic Curiosity TM provides fundamental knowledge as well as cognitive, emotional and behavioral skills. Uncommon, fun, challenging and scientifically valid techniques are used to cultivate these skills.

This introductory training might be used to accelerate the grooming of high potential professionals for a leadership role, or as part of a "performance improvement plan" for valued professionals whose behavior or interpersonal skills have been identified as problematic (e.g., leaders, physicians etc.). Intro to Strategic CuriosityTM is a prerequisite for Advanced Social Curiosity and Team Building.

Intro To Strategic Curiosity

Advanced Social CuriosityTM

This module is ideal for leaders and organizations that have identified strained relationships (e.g., after a merger), unproductive interpersonal conflicts, and a toxic work climate as barriers to inclusiveness, collaboration and performance. During this more typical educational experience, you will learn about the ways in which curiosity can positively influence relationships and social learning; and how the lack of curiosity inhibits engagement, working across real or perceived boundaries, and innovation. You will build upon and refine skills developed in the previous module, using readings, exercises, dialogue and developmental assignments.


Advanced Social Curiosity is a prerequisite for the Team Building & Culture Change series.



Team Building & Culture Change


If you are launching system-wide change, Strategic CuriosityTM can help. Whether your leadership team seeks to improve quality, become more inclusive, enhance safety, increase innovation, expand market share or become more profitable, Strategic CuriosityTM is a catalyst that accelerates results. In addition to equipping everyone with skills to create a learning culture, activities foster esprit de corps that inspires everyone to fully engage. You will be amazed by the effects of Strategic CuriosityTM on talent engagement at all levels. 


A combination of assessments, readings, and interactive learning are used to prepare leaders and team members for department or organization-wide change. Collaboratively, we will address your team or organization’s specific concerns and develop ways to embed Strategic CuriosityTM​ in your normal work routines. Activities will results in tactics that reinforce and sustain desired behavioral changes to create an inclusive, learning culture that improves performance over time. 

Advanced Social Curiosity
Team Bldg & Culture Chg

Flexible Formats

The benefits of Strategic Curiosity™  are achieved with a minimum of 3 treatments. Due to the demanding nature of this learning experience, it is neither productive or possible to teach all 7 skills in one day. After the orientation, additional on-line and/or on-site sessions are recommended for optimal results. Customizable to meet your business needs.

Flexible Format.png

* Minimum of 2 follow up modules are recommended to reinforce learning and develop remaining skills.

**2 Follow-up Booster sessions are recommended to reinforce learning. 


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