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From "Thorns & Thistles" to Ethically Thriving at Work!
Valerie L. Myers, Ph.D

Christianity and commerce profoundly influence Western society -- for better and worse.


Even though religious and business institutions have scattered thorns & thistles in the workplace, they also offer frameworks for removing them to help people thrive. Whether you are wondering about how to create more value, lead others, fulfill your purpose, or work with people who are different, the Bible offers ancient wisdom for today's complex issues -- in ways that business frameworks alone cannot. Dr. Myers guides you toward better by integrating Biblical lessons and business frameworks to facilitate conversations that empower you to reflect and act upon your highest beliefs at work. Whether you are in the C-Suite, mid-career or just starting out, you can bring more Light into the workplace so that everyone thrives.  

 More than Bible Study...

Dr. Myers facilitates inspiring and informative learning that is grounded in best practices of faith-based behavioral change programs. Research shows that structured faith-based learning yields more rapid, meaningful, and lasting change than ordinary secular training. 


Seminars are designed to cultivate insights and skills to be an effective & inclusive leader, live your calling, reform capitalism, and promote social responsibility.  You will be equipped to bring more Light into the C-suite and your sphere of influence to be a force for good. 

BIG questions that we explore :

  • What insights does the Bible provide about capitalism and how to reform it?

  • How do leaders inpsire inclusion in themselves and others?

  • How can I fulfill my calling to leadership

  • What must I do to find meaning at work and live my calling?  

  • Foremost, how can I create conditions for thriving in the workplace and the world?

Spritual Vitality        Social Responsibility 


During each seminar, we explore contemporary management issues through the prism of Biblical stories. These hybrid MBA-Bible study seminars are intended for a broad audience of business leaders, religious leaders, and professionals of faith with a relatively high level of comprehension. 

  • Religious leaders will gain a solid understanding of psychology and management principles as they relate to Biblical figures. Insights can enhance your overall effectiveness as leader and suggest topics to craft more practically relevant sermons for existing and potential members.

  • Business leaders & professionals will grain fresh perspectives about how faith can inform your management practices and practical steps that you can take to positively transform your workplace.

  • ALL participants can use seminars to launch culture and institutional change initiatives in your organization, community or sphere of influence.  Consultation for organizational change is available.

Format: Minimum of 6 sessions, 90 minutes in duration. Customizable to address specific topics of interest to your group or organization. Sessions may extend to 8, 12 or more, depending upon the module and your goals.  




As demographics shift and social strife increases, it's become clear that things must change in a big way.  But how? In this series, we turn to the Bible to understand the roots of diversity challenges, haw various leaders (mis)manage them, and what you can do to be a more effective and inclusive leader. Whether you are "woke," resistant to change, or somewhere in between, you will learn strategies to create systemic change and skills that help you inspire inclusion in yourself and others. Energize engagement, create more value, and inspire a more just world.

What you will learn & do...

  • Psychology & Spirituality of Exclusion

  • Institutionalized Bias:  What is normal?

  • Essential skills of inclusive leaders

  • How diversity & inclusion add value

  • Be transformed by a renewed mind. How?

  • Secret to transforming relationships

  • Leading systemic change for social good.

Who this is for...


  • Religious Organizations 

  • Clergy & Faith Leaders

  • Business Leaders

  • Professional Groups



Summary of

Book Chapter


Christianity and commerce have fueled economic expansion, empires, and inhumanity; they have also energized innovation, democracy, and human rights.  How can we responsibly manage these institutions to serve the common good. 

Topics we cover. . .

  • Western Capitalism in Brief: The U.S. & the rest. 

  • Business as usual...

  • Original Sins: Corrupting Factors

  • Saving Grace: Correcting Factors

  • The Cost of NOT changing

  • Reimagine the faith/work connection to transform yourself, your organization and society!

Who this is for . . .
  • Business Leaders & Groups
  • Religious Leaders & Groups
  • Professional Associations
Spirits of
Calling to

Answering your calling to leadership takes more than ambition, intellect and networks.  It requires skills and sensibilities that are not typically taught in business school but that help you conquer personal impediments.  Learn how to answer your calling,  overcome the tyranny of "typical" leadership, to have a positive impact of your organization and society.

What you will learn & do...

  • Traits of Typical -vs- Transformational Leaders

  • How to Lead Yourself First

  • Frameworks for Ethical Decision Making

  • Inspiring Engagement & Value Creation 

  • Nurturing Talent & Navigating Team Dynamics 

  • Plan Your "Next Steps" for positive social impact!

Who this is for . . .


  • Mission-driven Organizations

  • Established Leaders 

  • Emerging Leaders            

  • High Potential Talent


Popular notions about calling are both limiting and wrong. Your calling is more than your idea work.  Discover what it means to truly live your calling, be fruitful and multiply.

What you will learn & do...

  • Make sense of your journey

  • Overcome Limiting Myths About Calling

  • Discover your strengths

  • Create a "Next Steps" Action Plan

  • Live Your Calling with Vigor!

Who this is for...
  • Young Adults
  • Early & Mid-Career
  • People in Transition
  • Any faith, NO faith & Christians

                   Live Your 


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In her academic book, Dr. Myers begins her exploration of management perspectives of the calling construct using Max Weber’s seminal work, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, as a starting point. She then draws upon practitioner and theological conversations to identify gaps in management theory. Through exhaustive research, she fills those gaps with insights about calling from other disciplines. Each conversation has a different focus that elucidates important dimensions of calling, and together they provide a truly comprehensive view of this enduring idea.

Part one examines conversations about calling among contemporary management scholars.

Part two explores perspectives about calling from different disciplines and eras, from the 1500s to the present.

Part three unifies all conversations into a comprehensive theory that can be applied across ideological, cultural and philosophical boundaries.


Throughout, Myers uses a strong theoretical grounding, fortified by case studies and practical examples, to explain the application of her theory and its implications for individuals, practitioners, organizations and society.  Anyone interested in work ethics or management and spirituality will benefit from reading this book.


What does it mean to have a calling?  Why does this historic idea matter in modern organizations?


These are some of the questions that Dr. Myers answers in her book. Although the word 'calling' is casually used as shorthand for purpose or 'my ideal job,' the concept is laden with deeper meanings that have provoked varied interest among the secular and spiritual circles of both scholars and practitioners. Structured around the idea of these four conversations, Conversations about Calling aims to promote a holistic examination of calling that will advance research and practice in management, and across many disciplines.  



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