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Faith, Leadership
& Business

Let's make business a force for good!
Valerie L. Myers, Ph.D

of people worldwide believe in God. Further, religious institutions influence business and social ethics, for better and worse.  Intrigued by the complicated intersection of faith, business, and society, Myers combines historical research, sociology, and her policy background to explore religion's role in Western capitalism and compelling reasons to uphold and reinforce the separation of church and state, a hallmark of the United States constitution. 


Christianity and commerce profoundly influence Western society -- for better and worse.


Religion and business have energized innovation, economic vitality, and human rights; they have also fueled inhumane and exploitative empires.  How can we responsibly manage religion and business to serve the common good? How can we transform religious conflicts into interfaith dialogue that heals and uplifts civil society? Dr. Myers extracts insights from ancient wisdom and modern management to help you explore answers to these questions. 

Grounded in social science and faith-based research, Dr. Myers guides you in structured reflection and conversations that lead to positive action.  Whether you seek to create value, lead others, fulfill your purpose, or work with people who are different, we can illuminate the shadow-side of work and make the world better.

Spritual Vitality        Social Responsibility 

BIG IDEAS that we explore:

  • Biblical insights about capitalism and how to ethically reform it.

  • How to fulfill your calling to leadership and help others thrive.

  • How leaders inspire inclusion in themselves and others.

  • Steps to fulfill your calling

Seminar Series

Dr. Myers facilitates inspiring and though-provoking learning that offers a unique synthesis of history, theology, sociology, and psychology to promote your professional development. Think of it as a reflective  MBA course.


  • Business leaders & professionals gain fresh perspectives about how your faith can help you connect beliefs and behaviors to positively transform your workplace and the world.

  • Religious leaders apply psychology and management principles to Biblical stories to help you create more practically relevant messages.

Format: 60 or 90 minute sessions; 4 session minimum. Customizable to address specific topics of interest to your group or organization. 

A bit of background. . . 


Maybe you're wondering about my background to do this work.  It starts with life-tested faith and an unshakable curiosity about what it means to live your calling.

With humility, I share that I am a Christian whose faith is an enduring source of inspiration, enlightenment, and connection to the sacred.  Although I am not a trained theologian, I enjoy learning from theologians like C.S. Lewis, Dorothy Sayers, Howard Thurman, and philosophers who help us make sense of the sacred, ourselves, and society. 


As an organizational psychologist, I am also interested in connections between the sacred, psychology, and society. My scholarly work examines how religious institutions influence (+/-) individuals, groups, and organizations. One example is how religious involvement can promote well-being and behavioral change. Another example is the historic link between religion and business that has fueled an exploitative and destructive form of capitalism.  But there is hope!  Centuries of wisdom direct us toward a more inclusive, just, and generative form of capitalism.

 I delight in discovering and sharing insights from history, lesser-known clergy, philosophers, and religious texts that offer more affirming and sustainable alternatives for business today. Yes, there are better ways to lead, manage people, steward resources, and make a living! My mission is to help you put them into practice.  And since part of my Christian education includes learning about and respecting different religions, I also work with interfaith groups.






Live Your 



Calling to


Inspire Inclusion
Calling To Leadership
Live Your Calling

OVERVIEW: Inspire Inclusion

As demographics shift and social strife increases, it's become clear that things must change in a big way.  But how? In this series, we turn to the Bible to understand the roots of diversity challenges, haw various leaders (mis)manage them, and what you can do to be a more effective and inclusive leader. Whether you are "woke," resistant to change, or somewhere in between, you will learn strategies to create systemic change and skills that help you inspire inclusion in yourself and others. Energize engagement, create more value, and inspire a more just world.

+   Overview

What you will learn & do

  • Psychology & Spirituality of Exclusion

  • Institutionalized Bias:  What is normal?

  • Essential skills of inclusive leaders

  • How diversity & inclusion add value

  • Renew & transform yourself, relationships and your organization.

  • Leading systemic change for social good.


+   What you will learn & do

Who this is for...

  • Religious Organizations 

  • Clergy & Faith Leaders

  • Business Leaders

  • Professional Groups

+   Who this is for...




Book Chapter


OVERVIEW: Live Your Calling

Popular notions about calling are both limiting and wrong. Your calling is more than your idea work.  Discover what it means to truly live your calling, be fruitful and multiply.

+   Overview

What you will learn & do

  • Make sense of your journey

  • Overcome Limiting Myths About Calling

  • Discover your strengths

  • Create a "Next Steps" Action Plan

  • Live Your Calling with Vigor!

+   What you will learn & do

Who this is for...

  • Young Adults
  • Early & Mid-Career
  • People in Transition
  • Any faith, NO faith & Christians

+   Who this is for...



OVERVIEW: Calling to Leadership

.Answering your calling to leadership takes more than ambition, intellect and networks.  It requires skills and sensibilities that are not typically taught in business school but that help you conquer personal impediments.  Learn how to answer your calling,  overcome the tyranny of "typical" leadership, to have a positive impact of your organization and society.

+   Overview

What you will learn & do

  • Traits of Typical -vs- Transformational Leaders

  • How to Lead Yourself First

  • Frameworks for Ethical Decision Making

  • Inspiring Engagement & Value Creation 

  • Nurturing Talent & Navigating Team Dynamics 

  • Plan Your "Next Steps" for positive social impact!

+   What you will learn & do


The Power of a Calling
Insights from Joseph's Journey

Who this is for...

  • Mission-driven Organizations

  • Established Leaders 

  • Emerging Leaders            

  • High Potential Talent

+   Who this is for...

Professional Services

  • Executive Education  Seminars

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Professional Development Seminars

  • Keynote Address

  • Retreats: 1/2 day, 1 day, 2.5 days  

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