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What is a Specialist with Spirit™? 


Specialist refers to more than a career. Specialist, in the traditional sense, means dedication to shared standards of excellence for a trade or profession. Specialization requires attention, diligence, curiosity and agility to develop professional skills, mastery and invention -- in any occupation. As DuBois notes however, education and technical skill are insufficient to create whole people; specialists without spirit can wreak havoc.


Spirit is the animating force that gives life to our actions. Spirit determines whether the ultimate ends of those action elevate OR devastate others.


Specialists with Spirit™ approach their work and lives as a calling -- not just with a laser focused passion, but with vigor, integrity and a transcendent sense of accountability that permeates all that they do.


Specialist with Spirit™ is a leadership and personal development series that is based upon research in Dr. Valerie Myers' book ​"Conversations About Calling: Advancing Management Perspectives" (Routledge Press) and years leading seminars for young adults.  
Goals of the seminar ae to:

  • debunk common myths about calling

  • learn from real world examples

  • spark rich conversations about experiences

  • help you to become a Specialist with Spirit that lives your calling to the fullest!​

What are some typical uses of the Specialist with Spirit™ training series? 
Training can be used by individuals, teams, business units, and entire organizations that seek to improve meaningful engagement, ethical leadership, and optimal talent development. Training is ideal for on-boarding, motivational retreats and development.

•        Leadership Development                                           •        Reaffirming Commitment to a Profession 
•        Emphasizing “quadruple bottom-line” results           •        Re-energizing long standing groups
•        Igniting Goal attainment                                              •        Creating shared Vision and Values
•        Quality Improvement                                                   •        Refocusing on the Mission
•        Creating shared work ethics                                      •        Onboarding and Orientation
•        Facilitating career transitions                                     •        Improving the Work Climate
•        Career visioning and development                            •        Valuing Diversity
•        Motivating Teams & Teamwork                                  •        Personal Enrichment & Growth
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For Individuals

  • Greater role clarity and perspective

  • Insights about meanings of work

  • Skills to cope with challenges

  • Inner source of motivation

  • Compass for ethical decisions-making and accountability

  • Greater work/life satisfaction

  • Tools and tactics for progress

  • Framework to manage change

For Organizations

  • Goal Clarity

  • Commitment to quality

  • Challenge to pursue noble goals and produce noble results

  • Increased employee engagement, professional commitment

  • Ethical decision-making

  • Positive Leaders

  • Positive Social Impact, Image & Legacy

  • Competitive advantages that lead to sustainable growth

   Specialists with Spirit™ Series
         • The Power of a Calling (SWS1)
           • The Calling to Leadership (SWS2)
           • Discover Your Calling (SWS3)
           • Navigate Your Calling (SWS4)
           • Faith-based Series (SWS5)book an engagement

​Seminar Descriptions The Power of a Calling (SWS1) This seminar introduces the framework upon which the series is based.  It reveals the meaning, significance and impact that a calling can have and encourages you to radically reflect upon what you 'thought' you knew about your calling. This seminar is for all audiences and is a prerequisite to all other seminars.

The Calling to Leadership (SWS2) Whether you are questioning your management style or aspire to be a leader, this seminar is for you. By exploring dimensions of the calling to leadership, you will learn ways that leaders unintentionally undermine the performance of their followers. As you discover the calling to leadership, you will gain tools that will help you address common leadership challenges and to inspire your team's excellent performance.  Ideal for leaders, graduate students and seasoned workers.

Discover Your Calling (SWS3) What's next? That's a question that young adults ask, as well as adults in transition.  This seminar narrowly focuses on helping you answer the "what's next" question. A series of exercises and assessments will enable you to identify strengths and skills, as well as support that is needed to take the next steps in your calling. 

Navigate Your Calling (SWS4) What happens when the unexpected happens?  Every life path has highs and lows. It's how we cope with them than determines whether we'll fulfill in our calling.  This seminar is specifically focused on tactics and strategies to use when the path ahead throws you a curve.

Faith-based Series (SWS5) Dr. Myers offers a customized version of the Specialist with SpiritTM series that is specifically designed for Christian audiences. She has conducted the faith-based series with teens and young adults.
Specialist with SpiritTM modules can be combined or customized to suite your specific needs. Because The Power of a Calling always accompanies other modules, a minimum of of 2.5 hours is required for interactive seminars. 
Dr. Myers is available to give motivational keynote speeches on the topic of calling, between 20-60 minutes in length. 
Training may be conducted in various increments including:

  • Keynote address - 20-60 minutes

  • 90 minute seminar

  • 1/2 or 1 day seminar

  • 2-3 day retreats

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